Rory McIlroy Hilariously Filmed Some Of His Favorite ‘Happy Gilmore’ Quotes For The Film’s 20th Anniversary

As I hope you know by now, February 16th is a day that every single bro should have memorized for eternity, as it’s the date that, back in 1996, the best sports comedy of all-time, Happy Gilmore, was released.

In honor of the film, we gave you the quotes from the film that we’re all still using today. But current PGA golfers, like Rory McIlroy, decided to record some of his favorite lines from the flick, too, taking over PGA Tour’s Snapchat to do it—and I’m so fucking happy they let him.

However, Rory later tweeted out that he actually wanted to say this classic one, “Suck my white ass, ball,” but the PGA Tour wouldn’t let him.

Just like in the movie, there goes the PGA regulating how much a player can have some fun. Here’s to hoping Rory takes out his anger on a rake by breaking it in half and tossing it into the woods.

[H/T SB Nation]

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