Rory McIlroy Trolled Tiger Woods On Twitter After Watching Video Of His ‘Progressing’ Swing

Even Nike bros bust each other’s balls these days.

Just a few hours after Tiger Woods posted video of his swing that he feels is progressing nicely — which is great news — Rory McIlroy took a playful shot at his buddy. Which was kind of funny in its own right because it’s not like little Rory is some sort of beastly creature.

Awesome. Sadly, there was no reply from Tiger, at least not on Twitter. But I think we can all assume a text was sent in Rory’s direction, saying something along the lines of “thanks… dick.”

What’s even sadder, however, is that Rory had to clarify it was a joke:

“Most people.” Of COURSE there were some idiots out there who interpreted it as Rory taking a legitimate shot at Tiger.

As always, people are complete and utter morons.

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