This Rugby Hit Of The Year Might Even Knock The Wind Out Of You CHOOOO CHOOOO

Cue up Ludicrous’ “Move Bitch” for me, will ya? Because there’s a fucking freight train coming through!

The brutal hit you just witnessed was Steve Matai absolutely destroying David Tyrrell’s life during Friday’s contest between the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and the South Sydney Rabbitohs. That’s Australian rugby if you’re unfamiliar – which you probably are.

Here’s footage of the carnage, along with some eloquent Aussie Fox Sports commentary and another angle.

Ummmm David Tyrell…you dead, bro?

Honestly, I’m surprised both his shoes didn’t fly off.

Luckily, Tyrell didn’t die in the aftermath of the 207-pound Matai delivering the bone-crushing business. The rugby gods let him live to ruck another day it seems. May be a bit sore in the morning, though.

h/t Bleacher Report