Rugby Player Has Bottle Opener Surgically Implanted Where His Teeth Were Knocked Out During A Game—SERIOUSLY

When I first came across this story of a rugby player whose teeth were knocked out during a game, and then had a metal bottle opener surgically implanted to fill the gap of his missing teeth, well, I thought it was completely made up garbage. I thought that there’s absolutely NO WAY that this story can be real. But I was wrong, and holy hell is this one for the ages.

As part of an ad campaign from ‘Salta Beer’ where they wanted to reward athletes for ‘leaving it all on the field’ they tracked down this rugby player who had lost his teeth during a game. They then found an oral surgeon willing to work with them to see their vision come to life. Together the brand, the athlete, and the surgeon came up with a metal implant to replace the rugby player’s teeth, and surgically implanted a goddamn beer bottle opener into his mouth. Because why just replace your teeth with regular ol’ implants when you can have a badass bottle opener in your mouth forever?

Some highlights of how it all went down:

This ridiculous story came by way of Ogilvy Argentina, who documented the entire surgical process for their client Salta Beer to be put into that feature ad you saw in the beginning. UPI reports:

An Argentinian beer company replaced rugby players’ missing teeth with bottle opener implants as part of an ad campaign.
The Salta beer ad, created by agency Ogilvy Argentina, documented how the company teamed with an oral surgeon “to reward players who gave everything they’ve got on the field — including their teeth.”

“We decided to give rugby players back the teeth they had lost in battle,” the ad says. “But we weren’t going to give them a simple tooth back we developed a unique dental implant, a specially designed tooth to open beer.”

The implants, which were installed by Dr. Sebastian Juri, bear the Salta brand name and were demonstrated to be working beer bottle openers by the patients at the end of the ad.

And soccer player wonder why everyone makes fun of them in comparison to rugby players! Just look at those bros! They’re so into their sport they were willing to lose their teeth and have those teeth replaced with metal bottle openers! Next level shiznit right there.