Should This Rugby Player Be Arrested For Viciously Punching Opponent Twice?

We all know that rugby is one of the most violent sports in the world, but this player took the brutality to another level when he knocked out an opponent with two horrific punches. We take you to the Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford between the St. Helens Saints and the Wigan Warriors. Within the first three minutes of the match Ben Flower of the Warriors was hit with a red card for his vicious punches on Lance Hohaia of St Helens, leaving his squad with only 12 players for the remaining 77 minutes of play. Flower smashed Hohaia with a devastating sucker punch to the face and then followed it up with a hammering right hook to his nose where he appeared helpless on the ground. A dazed Hohaia was helped off the field, meanwhile Flower became the first player in the history of the Grand Final to be disqualified. So do you think that assault charges should be given to Flower for his savage thuggery?