Russell Wilson And Ciara Got All Coy And Giggly When Talking About FINALLY Having Some Wedding Night Sex

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Damn right Russell Wilson is smiling. Bro FINALLY got to do what he’s been dying to do for months and months now and that’s have some of that sex with his lady Ciara.

As you can see, the wedding went off without a hitch. Well, there was a hitch, them getting hitched… never mind.

Of course, this event signaled that the one REAL event that the sports world was waiting to happen actually took place last night: Russ and Ciara finally knocking boots.

It must have gone pretty well too, considering how giggly and silly the two of them were being when caught on camera today talking “about last night.”

Atta boy, Russ. Forget that Super Bowl win, now we’re truly proud of you, brother.