Russell Wilson Loses ‘Significant’ Amount Of Weight After Getting Called ‘Sack Of Potatoes’

Russell Wilson

Justin Edmonds/Getty Image

Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has undergone a significant physical transformation since last season, according to theScore’s Jordan Schultz.

Schultz stated that Wilson had lost a “significant” amount of weight during the offseason. Wilson himself confirmed the transformation last month, describing himself as “lean and mean” and expressing his readiness for the upcoming season.

Last year, Wilson faced criticism for what was perceived as a lack of discipline and physical conditioning. Long-time Broncos reporter Woody Paige had previously commented on Wilson’s appearance, noting that the quarterback seemed 15 pounds heavier than his listed weight of 215 pounds. Paige added: “Wilson didn’t cook, but he did eat.”

Wilson’s weight loss also comes after star cornerback Tariq Woolen called him out on his appearance. Woolen, who plays on Wilson’s former team, the Seattle Seahawks, candidly described the quarterback’s appearance as resembling “A sack of potatoes” in the previous season.

While Wilson has openly discussed his physical transformation and the importance of being in peak condition, he hasn’t shared exact details of his weight loss journey.

Despite the lack of specifics, his dedication to improving his physical well-being suggests a renewed commitment to his career and a desire to bounce back from a disappointing season with the Broncos.

This year presents an opportunity for Wilson to redeem himself under the guidance of new head coach Sean Payton. Both Wilson and Payton will need to work together to justify what is now regarded as one of the most lopsided trades in NFL history.

The trade, which took place a year ago, sent Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos and resulted in Seattle acquiring an abundance of draft picks. Furthermore, Wilson secured a lucrative five-year contract worth $245 million from the Broncos.

Only time will tell if Wilson’s weight loss proves to be the catalyst for a successful rebound, but his determination and the guidance of Coach Payton provide reasons for Broncos fans to remain optimistic as the new NFL season looms on the horizon.