This Russian Hockey Player Chick Broke Her Stick Over The Head Of An American Hockey Player Chick

I know that Russians are crazy, but I thought it was more or less just the dudes who were insane. This video proves that Russian broads are just as unhinged.

Not sure what led up to this, but Nikita clearly isn’t too happy with the way her American competitor has been conducting herself. She deals with it like any sane sportsman, and takes a big wind up and cracks the chick over her head with a stick. Luckily for the American girl, she was hit by a fellow girl, so she probably barely felt it.

These Russians need to be dealt with in a swift and firm manner. I know there’s some messed up things going on in Russia, but whatever they do over there to their own people is their business. As soon as they start cracking our beautiful American women over the heads with hockey sticks, they’re basically begging for war.

Obama has to respond to this or he’ll look weak. I bet Putin probably actually put this girl up to it. I think we need to nuke them ASAP, or before you know it, American female hockey players everywhere will be getting lit up like the 4th of July.