Rutgers Hooper-Turned-Teacher Drains Insane Shot To Win Hot Chocolate For Her Class, Students Go Wild

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  • Holy Trinity third grade teacher Ms. Fitz is the most beloved teacher at her school right now.
  • With the pressure on, she drained a crazy shot to win her class hot chocolate and the students went bonkers.
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Ms. Fitz hit one of the most insane basketball shots of the year and the crowd went wild. Third grade teacher Kathleen Fitzpatrick, at the Holy Trinity School Georgetown in Washington D.C., made a promise to her class.

If she made a deep, “half court” shot at recess, she would reward her class with hot chocolate. When it’s winter time in D.C., having an extra chocolatey treat is a big deal, and the kids could not have been more excited about the idea.

When Ms. Fitz stepped up to shoot, the third graders were eagerly waiting on the result. She got the ball, lined up the shot, and sunk it. No doubt about it.

The students lost their minds. They went absolutely wild and it is awesome. They could not have been more excited about not just the hot chocolate and would have carried Ms. Fitz off on their shoulders if they could.

Take notice of how long Ms. Fitz holds the follow-through. Queen sh*t.

Here is the shot and the reaction in all of its glory:

As it would turn out, Ms. Fitz is more than just a teacher who got lucky. She has handles and a wicked jumper.

Fitzpatrick played five years of Division-I college hoops. A Pennsylvania-native, she set her high school record for career three pointers and finished fourth all-time in scoring.

She stayed home and committed to St. Joseph’s for college. Ms. Fitz played her first three years with the Hawks and led the team in three-pointers as both a sophomore and a junior.

After her third year with the program, Fitzpatrick transferred to Rutgers and finished out her college career in 2018 with the Scarlet Knights. Now, as a 25-ish-year-old, she is getting buckets at recess and sending her students into a frenzy.

Ms. Fitz is forever a legend at HTS Georgetown, and is a strong candidate for hooper-turned-teacher of the year.