Here’s What Former NFL Bust Ryan Leaf Had To Say About Johnny Manziel’s Struggles

Although there are other choices, many consider former No. 2 overall pick Ryan Leaf as the biggest bust in NFL history, with some even giving him the nod as the worst draft pick in sports history!

Entering the league alongside Peyton Manning in 1998, Leaf had all the talent in the world, but flamed out for a number of different reasons, lacking the maturity or selflessness to cut it as a pro quarterback, while, eventually, getting into trouble with the law off-the-field, too.

Sound familiar? It should, because, it’s almost identical to what Johnny Manziel is going through right now, as he’s been criticized by teammates for being unprepared, lacking maturity, being selfish and, more recently, getting in trouble with the law.

Speaking on The Dan Patrick Show, Ryan Leaf talked about Manziel, saying that “It feels like I’m holding up a mirror, among other things about the 22nd overall pick in 2014.

The 39-year-old Leaf, who appeared in just 25 games in the NFL over the course of three total seasons, even mentioned in a separate interview with The Afternoon Show with Tim Cowlishaw and Matt Mosley that he reached out to Manziel’s agent—who today parted ways with his client.

Adding in that interview, Leaf had this to say about Johnny Football, per CBS Sports:

I can relate to certain things. I called my old agent, Dave Dunn, and I got his agent’s contact info and I reached out. I don’t know what that meant or anything. There’s a solution. There always is. But it’s so hard to see when you’re on this pedestal and you think you don’t need help.”

Leaf also stated the obvious: Manziel needs help.

“You don’t want to be vulnerable because you’re this big, strong football player, and help means weak. And it doesn’t. Asking for help might be the strongest thing you will ever do,” Leaf said. “So it’s hard because it was so fun to watch him. He was a great college quarterback, and he’s very capable and people want to cheer for him. And now, Cleveland dislikes him so much to the point that — like San Diego just went on me to a point where you just got to get out of town. But me going to get out of town and getting a new start, it didn’t work for me there. …

“I couldn’t restart it, and I’m worried that he’s not going to catch on somewhere else and be as successful as he’s being as capable of being. I hope he can.”

It has gotten to the point for Manziel where his life, not his football career, should be the first thing that needs to be repaired, so here’s to hoping the 23-year-old can take care of himself and get his life back on track to fight his internal demons.

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