I Can’t Stop Watching This Putrid Throw by Ryan Raburn

Ryan Raburn is not the world’s most gifted defender. He once turned a somewhat routine warning-track flyball into a home run for the opposing team.

Last night, he continued his proud tradition of helping the opposition by authoring one of the most embarrassing errors of the year.

After failing to make a sliding catch on Mike Moustakas’ drive down the left-field line, the Cleveland Indians left fielder made a disastrous throw to no one in particular in left-center field. The toss was so errant that Moustakas was able to circle the bases before anyone could get to the ball.

Like, if you asked someone to throw you a beer and they did something like this, you’d mock them forever. After all, failure is funny and it’s one’s duty to rag on his friends until they develop a complex.

Raburn’s night would get worse as the Royals waited until the 14th inning to win on a walk-off.