Shocking Video Captures Post-Game Altercation Between Saints Michael Thomas And Panthers

Michael Thomas

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

A video was released to social media showing a heated altercation between Saints’ star wide receiver Michael Thomas and Panthers defensive lineman Derrick Brown.

The incident took place following the Saints’ narrow 20-17 victory over the Panthers on NFL’s Monday Night Football last night.

After the game, tensions flared as Thomas engaged in a verbal exchange with Panthers’ standout Brown in the tunnel, en route to the Saints’ locker room.

Profanities were exchanged, and the situation escalated to the brink of physical confrontation.

Brown, visibly agitated, attempted to confront Thomas, rounding the corner towards the Saints’ locker room but was promptly restrained from advancing further.

After the video got circulated on social media, it seemed that Thomas responded to it on Twitter, posting a series of tweets that seemed to address the altercation.

Among his tweets, Thomas wrote, “They tried to set me up,”

Both teams are probably looking forward to the rematch this season, scheduled for Week 14.

It remains to be seen whether Derrick Brown take the opportunity to channel his anger towards Michael Thomas on the football field.