Saints Rookie Kicker Was Hilariously Stopped Multiple Times By Security Despite Game-Winning Field Goal

Blake Grupe

Chris Graythen/Getty Image

Saints undrafted rookie kicker Blake Grupe found himself in an amusing situation as he was repeatedly mistaken for a fan by stadium security personnel, even after nailing the game-winning field goal.

Standing at 5-foot-7 and weighing 156 pounds, Grupe doesn’t fit the typical physical profile of an NFL player. However, his talent and perseverance have landed him a spot with the New Orleans Saints.

Grupe took to Twitter to share his amusing experience with fans and followers.

He narrated how, despite hitting the crucial last-second field goal that secured victory for the Saints, he encountered skeptical security staff who questioned his identity and credentials.


The undrafted rookie’s lighthearted response to the security’s mistaken identity incidents reflected his humility and gratitude for being a part of a victorious team effort.

Despite the comical misunderstandings, Grupe’s focus remains on his dedication to the sport and his determination to prove himself as a valuable asset to the Saints.

Grupe faces a tough competition with established kicker Wil Lutz for a place on the Saints’ roster.

Nevertheless, his performance on the field and his ability to stay composed under pressure have garnered attention and respect from fans, teammates, and coaches alike