The San Francisco Giants Sang A Gangsta Rap Song About Selling Cocaine Called ‘Brick In Yo Face’ While Celebrating The NCDS

Last night, the San Francisco Giants stamped their ticket to a National League Championship Series against St. Louis. The celebrations were off the hook, with Madison Bumgarner pouring five cheers down his throat at once, amongst the usual bottle-poppin’ showers.

For those of us watching from home who stayed tuned into Fox Sports 1’s coverage after the official broadcast ended, Fox took us into the Giants clubhouse, where things were getting especially turnt. Fox Sports cameras showed the Giants doing a celebration chant in euphoric victory. A lot of rap fans noticed the verses of the chant right away: It’s a *ridiculous* song about selling cocaine called “Brick In Yo Face” by 19-year-old unsigned rapper Stitches. It’s the Miami rapper’s first single off his first mixtape:

It kind of makes me wonder if Stitches is the 2014 Giants post-season anthem. If so, that cracks me up. I’ll try to find official video from the Fox Sports One broadcast, but in the meantime you can *kinda, sorta* hear the end of the chant in this Vine video, which was Tweeted out by the official SF Giants account. Nothing more awesome than hearing an entire MLB team scream the lyrics to a super hard gangsta rap song.

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