Santana Moss Straight Sh*ts All Over Robert Griffin When Ranking The Top QBs He Played With

Remember when, back in 2012 after being the No. 2 overall pick by the Washington Redskins, quarterback Robert Griffin III was the best thing since fucking sliced bread? When he won the league’s Offensive Rookie of the Year Award and guided his team to the playoffs? Shit, that was a long time ago, huh?

Now a member of the Cleveland Browns after, literally, NO ONE else wanted him as a free agent this offseason, RG3 isn’t what he once was. And if you ask one of his former Redskins’ teammates, Santana Moss, Griffin was never anything to really begin with—in Moss’ opinion.

When asked to rank the best quarterbacks he ever played with in Washington, check out Santana’s list, via CSN Mid-Atlantic:

  1. Mark Brunell
  2. Donovan McNabb
  3. Jason Campbell
  4. Rex Grossman
  5. Robert Griffin III

No, that’s not a typo. Santana Moss actually put both Jason Campbell and Rex fucking Grossman ahead of a guy who was supposed to be the next superstar signal-caller.

Moss, who played with the Skins from 2005-14, saw his production take a nosedive with RG3 under center for their three years together, so maybe he’s still salty about that. Or maybe there’s something personal between the two? Either way, Griffin has to be wondering what’s worse right now—a former teammate saying Grossman was a better quarterback or the reality that he’s playing for the lowly Browns.

[H/T CSN Mid-Atlantic]

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