We’ve Been Spelling Scottie Pippen’s Name Wrong For The Past 30 Years According To His Son Scotty Pippen Jr.

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We’ve apparently been spelling Scottie Pippen’s name wrong for the past 30+ years.

On Friday night, Scotty Pippen Jr. revealed that his father’s name actually ends with a Y.

“My dad’s name is with a Y as well, he just changed it with an, i.e., but we’re both the same.”

Pippen had previously revealed in an interview with Esquire Magazine that he had unofficially changed his name to Scottie because people kept mispronouncing his name as Scott.

Via Esquire

It’s really Scotty. But for some reason, when people see it with a y, they shorten it to Scott.

That’s how they announced me at the NBA draft. Scott Pippen. What was I going to do, argue with the commissioner?

Fans were shocked to learn about the Scotty/Scottie name revelation.

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