Scotty Pippen Jr. Doesn’t Seem To Approve Of His Mom Larsa Pippen Reportedly Dating Malik Beasley, Likes Several Tweets Criticizing Their Relationship

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It appears that Scotty Pippen Jr. isn’t comfortable with his mom Larsa dating Minnesota Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley.

On Tuesday it was revealed that Larsa is dating the 24-year-old married NBA player after they were both seen holding hands at a mall.

Via Wags After Dark

“The Devil Works Hard But #LarsaPippen 😺Works Harder ! To make matters worse back in March #malikbeasley and #Wags #YaoMontana had secretly tied the knot. I highly doubt a divorce was finalized because Malik and Yao are now facing felony charges related to a September incident, in which the NBA player allegedly pointed an automatic rifle at a car containing a family in an idling car near his rental house.”

After the picture of Larsa and Beasley went viral, Larsa’s son, Scottie Pippen Jr., liked several tweets that appeared disapprove of the relationship.

Scotty Jr. is currently playing college ball at Vanderbilt and can probably do without all the celebrity gossip drama revolving around his mom.

Update: Scotty tweeted about the situation.

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