Seahawks Chad Wheeler’s Girlfriend Says He Ate Dinner After He Believed He Had Strangled Her To Death For Refusing To Bow To Him

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Backup offensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks Chad Wheeler was arrested early Saturday morning on charges of domestic violence and the details on the incident are pretty distturbing.

According to the Seattle Times Wheeler was arrested after police responded to a 911 call from his girlfriend who told them she was being “killed.” The police reportedly forced their way into the apartment after they heard screaming when they arrived and found Wheeler standing next to his distressed girlfriend inside the bathroom.

Via Seattle Times

A Kent Police Department report said police responded to a call of a woman who was locked in a bathroom following a “physical fight” with her boyfriend.

The victim had called 911 to state that she was being “killed.” Police were advised that she had suffered a dislocated arm and was bleeding.

According to the report, when officers arrived they could hear screaming from inside the apartment, and after forcing their way in they heard more screaming from a bathroom. They forced their way in to the bathroom and found the victim and Wheeler. He was standing beside her, the report said

According to the police report Wheeler is accused of throwing his girlfriend on the bed and choking her until she lost consciousness because she refused to bow to him during an argument.

The report said the incident began when Wheeler asked the victim to bow to him, and when she did not he grabbed her and threw her on a bed.

The report said Wheeler then strangled the victim before she lost consciousness. The report also said when she regained consciousness, Wheeler was standing near the bed and said, “Wow you’re alive?”

The victim then ran into the bathroom where she called 911 and family, according to the report. Wheeler picked the lock on the door and entered before officers arrived.

Wheeler’s girlfriend posted pictures and provided horrific details of the incident on social media on Tuesday night. Apparently, Wheeler continued to eat dinner next to her unconscious body after he believed had strangled her to death.

Wheeler is currently out on bail after posting a $400k bond as he awaits his next court date.

Update: The Seahawks released a statement on the Wheeler situation.

Update #2 Wheeler apologized for the incident on Twitter and says he was going through a “manic episode.”