4-Year-Old Seahawks Fan Gets Her Heart Ripped Out For The First Time Learning Russell Wilson Married Ciara

Oh man. Whatever parent did this is straight up cruel. Broadcasting your little girl’s first heartbreak for all the internet to see. Savage.

But hey, I’m not here to police the internet, I’m here to share it with you, and this right here is peak internet. Not every day you get to see a 4-year-old’s soul crushed when she learns the NFL QB she’s set her eyes on just ponied up to another woman some 25 years her senior.

Man, it’s a rough world we live in. This whole dating in the 21st century thing. Thanks, TMZ. When Ciara was a kid, your parents couldn’t record you losing your mind and put it on the world wide web and completely embarrass you for the rest of your life because phones and the internet didn’t exist. But now? Whole different ballgame.

Probably time to find a new team Kaiya (sp?), because it’s gonna be hard showing your face in Seahawks country after this one. Get the girl a TV remote and some ice cream, Mom! Godespeed.

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[h/t Complex]