Sean McVay’s Wife Announces Their First Child Is On The Way Just In Time For Football Season

Sean McVay's wife Veronika Khomyn

Getty Image / Momodu Mansaray / WireImage

The Los Angeles Rams head coach is about to be a father. Sean McVay’s wife, Veronika Khomyn McVay, announced that she and the Super Bowl-winning head coach have a baby boy on the way this Fall.

Normally, ‘NFL head coach expecting first child’ wouldn’t be a big story for sports fans but literally every milestone in Sean McVay’s life causes fans to ponder what it means for his career.

However, any Rams fans worried that Sean McVay’s wife getting pregnant will lead to him leaving the NFL to be a full-time father can find solace in a report from last November. At that time, McVay say he would ‘call it quits‘ in the NFL when the Rams’ core retired.

Sean McVay’s wife, Veronika Khomyn McVay, announced on Instagram she was 5 months pregnant and they were expecting a baby boy this Fall:

She wrote “Guess who’s becoming a dad this football season! Baby boy McVay is coming this fall and we’re so excited to meet him and love on him.” Adding that she had already been pregnant for 5 months.

The news was greeted by congratulations from their peers and Rams fans. Someone wrote “Not sure how that baby can be better looking than the both of you models.” Aaron Donald’s wife, Erica Donald, slid into the comments with 5 ‘heart eyes’ emojis. Aaron and Erica Donald are expecting a baby of their own soon.

Sean met his wife when he was coaching at Washington and she was a student at George Mason University. They got engaged in June 2019 and were married three years later on June 4, 2022.

Assuming the dates are right and Sean McVay‘s wife has been pregnant for 5 months with roughly 4 months to go… That would mean Baby McVay is coming near the end of September or early-to-mid October. Looking at the schedule, the Rams face the Bengals (9/25), Colts (10/1), Eagles (10/8), and Cardinals (10/15).

The Bengals and Colts games are both on the road so here’s to hoping he doesn’t have to walk off the field mid-game to catch a flight home.

After they got married, Sean McVay’s wife revealed the hardest part about being married to him. In a Q&A, Veronika Khomyn McVay said “Time together. For sure. Time for friends & family. When so much responsibility comes with a job it’s hard to be able to be present in all areas of life all at the same time. It’s impossible.”

She went on to add “He chose this career path, he has so much passion for football and it provides for our life & future. I also know what I signed up for. So it’s just one of those things you can look at as a temporary challenge but it’s also a blessing in so many ways and as long as he’s happy so am I.”