Second Masseuse Comes Forward To Accuse Deshaun Watson Of Sexual Assault, Lawyer Says Four Women Will Speak Out Against Watson

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Several women are planning on coming forward to accuse Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson of sexual assault.

On Tuesday night, a masseuse filed a lawsuit against Watson after she says Watson “went too far” during a massage session.

A second masseuse has now come forward to allege Watson flew her out and was inappropriate with her during a massage session in August 2020.

According to Texas Lawyer Tony Buzbee, four women in total are coming forward to join the lawsuit claiming sexual assault against Watson.

“My associate, Cornelia, and I will file the second of what is now four cases on behalf of women against Deshaun Watson today,” “The cases allege assault. We won’t share the alleged details here, and we won’t try the case in the press, but the cases are publicly filed for all to see. I appreciate the calls of support that we have received from those who support these brave women. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to the powerful, when you are perceived powerless.

“Since filing the first case yesterday, I have had several death threats and multiple people have harassed my children. The blame the victim (or her lawyers) mentality is alive and well!! I love football as much as the next person (although I’ve never been a Texans fan). But I don’t love it that much!! Makes me shake my head that people are so passionate about football to the point of irrationality, while at the same time they could care less who the mayor or president will be.

Watson has denied all allegations made against him.

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