Serena Williams Ordered, Drank An Espresso During Her Match

Serena Williams is competing in the Hopman Cup in Australia. And apparently she’s having some trouble adjusting to the time change or something.

This morning she dropped the first set to Flavia Pennetta, 6-0, before deciding drastic times called for drastic measures.

Williams asked a ball girl to bring her an espresso. Everyone thought she was kidding until she guzzled down a hot coffee before resuming play.

Clearly fueled by the caffeine, Williams went on to win the next two sets to advance.

“I wanted coffee with my bagel and whatever coffee it was, it was really good,” Williams said in an on-court interview afterwards.

“I’m so jet lagged and Flavia played really, really well. And yeah, everyone needs coffee every now and then. I needed coffee to get my feet moving.”

The WTA needs to address this situation immediately. I can’t think of a more egregious case of an athlete using a performance-enhancing drug in such a flippant manner.

[H/T: Time]