Seth Rogen Drank Beer Out of the Stanley Cup, Spilled Most of It

Seth Rogen was in Montreal on Saturday for a charity event supporting Alzheimer’s awareness. And the Canadian comic decided to go full ‘Nadian.

Flanked by Canadiens mascot Yoopi, Rogen and P.K. Subban drank Canadian beer out of the Stanley Cup. Here’s the video. It’s not of the highest quality but beggars can’t be choosers.

Rogen drank his fill like a man, which is to say: quite sloppily. Subban, on the other hand, took to the Cup with a straw in order to not touch the actual Cup. That’s a veteran move right there.

Perhaps next time Rogen and Lord Stanley’s Cup are in the same place, the funnyman can make a bong out of it. That’s something we really want to see.

[H/T: Montreal Gazette]