A Single Shams Charania Tweet Caused A Huge Swing In NBA Draft Odds

The top prospects pose for a photo at the 2023 NBA Draft.

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The 2023 NBA Draft is finally upon us as franchises look to bolster their rosters with young talent. It’s been a foregone conclusion that the top spot will go to international star Victor Wembanyama.

After that, chaos.

The No. 2 and No. 3 prospects in the class are considered to be G-League guard Scoot Henderson and Alabama forward Brandon Miller. As is the case with many major draft nights, the sportsbooks are open for business as bettors look to place future bets.

The odds for Wembanyama to go first to the Spurs sat at -20000 pre-draft, meaning any potential return on the pick would be minimal. That hasn’t stopped bettors from placing their tickets, though.

Hey, a win is a win.

But the race for the No. 2 selection was much tighter. At one point, Henderson was the favorite to head to Charlotte, but reports began to surface this week saying that Michael Jordan and Hornets were leaning towards Miller.

This, coming after a pair of private workouts with the team.

Quickly, Miller overtook the top spot, a jump that stayed true up through Thursday morning. Then, a single tweet from NBA insider Shams Charania swung the odds.

Charania said that, per his sources, Henderson was gaining momentum to be taken over Miller. The updated sent the sportsbooks into an immediate frenzy.

The odds jumped from -600 in favor of Miller to -700 in favor of Henderson in a matter of hours. Miller’s odd were reportedly as high a -900 before the Shams tweet.

Things would soon even back out, with Miller regaining the lead as the favorite as the draft approached.

He’d close around -235 at most books.

In the end, Miller wound up the second pick in the NBA Draft while Henderson was taken off the board next at No. 3 to Portland.

Jacob Elsey
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