Shaq Has NBA Fans Buzzing After Blasting An NBA Top 10 List


Getty Image / Megan Briggs

Sports fans love debating about who the best players are of all time. Especially in the NBA where there are a ton of players worthy of being mentioned among the greats.

With that in mind, Shaq recently shared a picture comprising of the league’s top 10 players of all time. However, the former champion isn’t a fan of the list at all.

Not only does he not like his placement, but O’Neal also seems upset about where Kobe Bryant falls on the list as well.

Now, it’s not clear exactly where this list came from. It looks like an image Shaq found somewhere on social media and shared it himself on Twitter. So, just know that this top 10 list is technically not official.

So, here is the top 10 list in question along with Shaq’s reaction.

Shaq doesn’t provide a top 10 list of his own. But he’s clearly not a fan of this list in general.

It’d be interesting to know where he sees himself amongst the league’s best ever. But something tells me he’d probably put himself near or at the top.

Either way, NBA fans couldn’t help but share their reactions to Shaq’s tweet.

A ton of fans are wondering why Hakeem Olajuwon isn’t on this list.

You can say that again. There is no such thing as a right answer.

A lot of people are wondering where Steph Curry is too.

As I mentioned previously, there is no such thing as a right answer when it comes to a top 10 list. Especially with the NBA, as there have been so many legends of the sport.

With that said, what would your top 10 list look like?