Things Get Awkward After Shaq Tells Donovan Mitchell To His Face That He Doesn’t Think He’s Going To Be A Top Player In The League

Shaq isn’t shy to let current NBA players what he thinks about them to their faces which leads to some extremely awkward moments.

During halftime of the Jazz-Pelicans game, Shaq went on a rant on why he doesn’t believe that Donovan Mitchell is a superstar player and he would need to be a “second or third option’ on a team to win a championship.

After the Jazz’s win on Thursday night, Shaq interviewed Mitchell and straight up told him that “you don’t have what it takes to get to the next level” which led to the Jazz guard to reply with “aight.”

Mitchell spoke with the media after the game and hated that his interaction with Shaq was what people were talking about after the team’s win.

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