Need A Good Laugh Today? Shaq Threatening To Knock Charles Barkley Out Is Guaranteed To Do It

Trust me when I say that you need to bookmark this clip of Shaq threatening to knock Charles Barkley out during NBA on TNT, because if you are ever having a bad day all you need to do is queue this exchange up and I promise it will make you smile.

It all started with Ernie putting three minutes “On The Clock” (initially it was nine, as a joke) for a discussion about the NBA Playoffs. Three minutes that was mostly used up by Barkley who kept having to add one more thing, cutting Shaq’s time down to 30 seconds.

“You do that all the time,” Shaq tells Barkley. “It’s supposed to be one, two, three. Go back over there to the know-it-all (points at Chuck).”

“We shoulda put nine minutes… you’re gonna take up eight minutes,” Shaq says to Barkley.

“Mr. Sensitive,” Barkley replies with a laugh.

“Do it again. I’m telling you right now,” responds Shaq.

“Mr. Sensitive,” Chucks goads Shaq.

“No, I ain’t sensitive. I’m going to knock your ass out. Telling you right now. Play with me if you want to,” deadpans Shaq. “Supposed to be one, two, three, not one, two, back to one. Dumbass. Do it again, Chuck.”

Then Shaq went after Kenny, “I ain’t in the mood for jokes.”

At that point, poor Ernie Johnson just couldn’t take anymore.

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God, this show is just so damn good.