Richard Sherman WENT OFF On Former Teammate Russell Wilson Following Late-Game Blunders

Richard Sherman WENT OFF on former teammate Russell Wilson following late-game blunders.

Getty Image / Nick Cammett

Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman played on some great Seattle Seahawk teams together. The quarterback and cornerback won one Super Bowl in Seattle, came oh-so-close to another, and had plenty of chances to get back to the big game.

But, things between the two former star teammates may not be kosher. Sherman had pointed comments for Wilson after he and his Broncos teammates played atrocious football in Thursday nightโ€™s 12-9 loss to the Colts.

Sherman went after Wilsonโ€™s performance on the Thursday Night Football postgame show

Though the shots were veiled, anyone reading in between the lines could tell that he was going after Wilson.

Then, he implied that Russell Wilson is stealing from the Broncos after he signed a megadeal with the franchise in the offseason.

And, with the game on the line in overtime facing a 4th and 1, the Broncos elected to pass rather than run the ball. Sound familiar? It did to Sherman.

No one is really sure why the former all-pro corner has beef with Wilson.

Either way, it sure is entertaining for all of us.