Sixers Coach Doc Rivers Appears To Throw James Harden Under The Bus After Team’s Loss To Pistons

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  • The Philadelphia 76ers suffered a 4th quarter collapse against the Detroit Pistons on Thursday night.
  • Sixers head coach Doc Rivers appeared to blame star James Harden for the loss after the game.
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Things aren’t looking good for the Philadelphia 76ers a week before the playoffs.

On Thursday night, the Sixers collapsed in the fourth quarter and lost to the lowly Pistons team.

After the game, Rivers refused to blame his bench for the loss and then appeared to name James Harden, who shot 4-15 from the field for the night, as the main culprit for the team’s second unit struggles.

“They didn’t struggle,”.”They didn’t get a lot of shots, in their defense. I think during that stretch it was more James [Harden] than them. Yeah, it’s just a tough night.”

NBA fans quickly reacted to Rivers taking shots at his star player.

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