SJW On Twitter Freaks Out When She Sees A ‘KKK’ Sign At Game 7, Then Goes Full Feminazi When Someone Explains What It Means

Tweet exchanges like the one above are why the world is so damn frustrating in 2016. No one using critical-thinking skills to consider for a second that *MAYBE* — JUST MAYBE — “KKK” can mean anything other than the Klu Klux Klan. Then when you try to explain facts, you get accused of “Mansplaining”, even though gender is irrelevant to anything in this situation.

Despite living in the greatest technology era of all time, our national discourse levels are at an all-time low. God help us all in the weeks after next Tuesday’s general election, when social media will be a shitshow of reactionary anger for a very long time.

In the meantime, pray for @keepisisweird’s mentions right now.

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