Skier Going Down A Mountain Gets Sucked Into Deep Crevasse Out Of Nowhere (Video)

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iStockphoto / Daria Vorontsova

Something tells me this skier knew the risks they faced on this mountain before being sucked into a deep icy crevassed out of nowhere.

The skier was booking it down a mountain in France and suddenly the ground disappeared. One moment they were shredding powder and the next moment they were freefalling into what looked like a glacier.

According to the comments, the skier had a pickaxe and crampons with them which was how they made it out safely. And it is for that reason we can assume they knew the risks of skiing in this particular area.

That said, this is some of the most jarring ski footage I’ve ever seen:

Pretty much every comment is someone asking about how they got out. People wrote:

“How did he get out !!!!!!!!”

“Please tell us how you manage to get out.”

“Seriously- I don’t think I can sleep until I know how you got out!!”

“Incredible footage! Would love to see the footage of you getting out of there.”

There isn’t available footage (yet) of the skier climbing out of the crevasse. However, the replies and comments suggest the skier had a pickaxe and crampons with them to climb back out of the hole they fell into.

If that isn’t an insult to injury, I don’t know what is. You just survived the most terrifying fall of your life and now it’s time to turn around and climb out or risk falling again. Yikes.

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