Skip Bayless Fires Back After Russell Westbrook Calls Him Out For Draft Night Diss

Skip Bayless Fires Back After Russell Westbrook Calls Him Out

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  • The Skip Bayless-Russell Westbrook drama took another turn on Sunday night.
  • The TV personality invited Russ on his show to discuss…and what a sight that would be.
  • Now we wait and see how Westbrook responds. Or if he does.

Russell Westbrook and Skip Bayless are not friends. Not in the slightest.

After the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Max Christie on Thursday night, Bayless took to Twitter and showed his frustration with the choice while dissing Westbrook, calling him “Westbrick.”

Well, Westbrook responded and surely wasn’t happy about the continuous bashing from the noted Lakers hater.

A couple of days later, Bayless took to Twitter again and fired off a few more tweets that might not go over well at all.

Skip Bayless Fires Back At Russell Westbrook

Skip might want to try to be more careful, especially after the latest tweets on Sunday evening.

It never ends for Skip, really. He had beef with Stephen A. Smith, and now — apparently — he has moved on from dissing LeBron James and is focusing on Westbrook instead.

Now comes the million-dollar question: Will Westbrook actually take Skip up on his offer and make an appearance on TV or a podcast and chat with Skip? If he does, that would make for some must-watch television.

Now we wait and see if or when Westbrook replies, and we can only imagine how upset the Lakers point guard is now.