Skip Bayless Spews Ridiculous Take About Mac Jones Having ‘The Audacity’ To Trademark ‘MJ10’

skip bayless mac jones trademark

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  • Skip Bayless doesn’t like the fact that Mac Jones filed a trademark as a rookie.
  • Bayless went on an absolute asinine rant about the Patriots’ QB filing a trademark for ‘MJ10.’
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Today is a day that ends with the letter ‘y’ which means Skip Bayless is shouting a ridiculous take about something. Thursday’s edition of ‘Skip Staying Relevant By Shouting Ridiculous Things’ is all about New England Patriots rookie Mac Jones.

Earlier this week, news of Jones filing a trademark for ‘MJ10’ made the rounds. Athletes file trademarks all the time, it’s at the point now where it’s not really news at all when they file for something, but that didn’t keep Bayless from coming up with a ridiculous take about it on Thursday’s edition of ‘Undisputed.’

Bayless can’t wrap his mind around the fact that Jones has “the audacity” to file for a trademark as a rookie. That isn’t his only gripe, however, he’s also livid that Jones would choose to use the initials ‘MJ’ in his trademark. In Bayless’ opinion, Michael Jordan is the only human on the planet that can file a trademark for those initials.

Skip Is Mad About Initials

“The audacity and the bad idea of this,” Bayless said. “Let’s start with the initials, those two initials should be retired, nobody can ever use those initials because there was only one MJ.”

It’s truly remarkable how Bayless’ brain comes up with these things.

I’d like to give Bayless the benefit of the doubt and say the majority of the stuff he spews is him simply acting and trying to go viral, but to say Mac Jones can’t use his own initials because they’re the same as Michael Jordan’s deserves a spot in the Bayless Hot Take Hall of Fame.