Prime Time Players Cut The Best Promo Ever, Even If WWE Wouldn’t Let Them Use The ‘P Word’

If SmackDown is trying to set itself apart from RAW, then last night’s less is more approach might be a step in the right direction. A sleeker card that focuses on a few substantial matches was a nice break from the overbooked alternative.

The night was highlighted by the promo above from the always entertaining Prime Time Players but here’s the rest of the night to get you all caught up before Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV.

Kane makes Rollins bow down like a bitch

And then proposes… a match!

We think we’re about to watch Rollins vs Ambrose…

But then we get Harper and Reigns too

The boys are back in town and officially booked for the main event with Harper

Neville is back!

And he’s teaming up with Ziggler

Together they’re taking down Sheamus and Bad News Barrett.

Babyfaces win and Sheamus still looks stupid

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo and his hair might be on fire

Naomi heels out on Nattie

The Prime Time Players cut a promo on Tyson Kidd calling him pussy-whipped

Rusev still loves his chains, but Ryback not so much.

Kofi Kingston defeats Cesaro

AmbReigns reunites for the second time in one night

There’s some serious brother against brother action…

…and it’s awesome

Kane keeps Rollins from getting DQed, while setting him up

Reigns takes total advantage, winning the awesome match

Shield fans take to Twitter with their emotions. It was a good night