SMU Bettors Just Took The Worst Beat Of The College Football Season So Far

SMU Bettors Just Took The Worst Beat Of The College Football Season So Far

Sports gambling is a risky proposition. After all, it is gambling. But, there are few thrills like betting on a team and winning said bet. You feel like the smartest person in the world. But, with that comes the games you lose, and worse, the bets you feel like you should’ve won and didn’t.

Those bets, known as bad beats, often go viral. And, tonight’s SMU-Navy game certainly qualifies if you bet on SMU.

SMU gave up a late touchdown to allow Navy to cover the 12 1/2 point spread

The Mustangs of Southern Methodist University were in control of their game against Navy from the start. They jumped out to an early 13-0 lead and led 40-20 midway through the fourth quarter, more or less sealing the game for SMU bettors against a Navy offense not known for passing the ball.

Even when Navy scored with 2:31 left in 4th quarter to make it 40-27, SMU bettors had to be feeling great.

But, Navy got a quick three-and-out and two long pass plays got them down near the Mustang goal line. There, a catastrophe happened for Mustang spread bettors.

Oh no. What a terrible beat.

That came after Navy did this to cover the first-half spread of 7.5

This bettor lost a staggering sum on SMU. I hope he’s having a good night.

Then again, the SMU mustang pooping on the field had to have been a sign something was going to go wrong.

SMU won, 40-34.

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