This Entire Soccer Team Gets Chased Off The Pitch By Fans As Chaos Breaks Out

by 4 years ago


Soccer might not be the toughest sport one can think of, but, if you’ve ever seen some of the shit that happens during matches in other countries, you know that it takes a guy with big balls to even step foot out there for a game.

Over the years, we’ve seen full-fledged riots break out because fans take guys kicking around a little ball for 90-plus minutes really fucking seriously—and the latest instance came yesterday.

During a match between CSKA Sofia, a Bulgarian club, and Ashdod, an Israeli one, shit got so real that the visiting club couldn’t hav found the exits fast enough—and it wasn’t because of a beatdown they were getting at the hands of their opponents.

After a disgustingly hard tackle by an Ashdod player, players from the other team didn’t just get pissed off, but the entire CSKA fan base took their anger out, rushing the field and trying to hunt down the entire Ashdod roster with fisticuffs, bottles and whatever else they could get their hands on to wreak havoc.



Looking more like a recess game than a pro soccer match, this friendly between the teams turned unfriendly really fast—all because soccer fans are fucking insane!

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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