Softball Pitcher Playing Dodgeball Throws So Hard She Leaves Another Chick On The Ground Questioning Life

Dodgeball really doesn’t get the credit it deserves as being one of the most brutal sports on the planet. When played at a high level with actual athletes and not 2nd Graders, Dodgeball can get ruthless. I shit you not when I say I once tore my right meniscus playing dodgeball back in high school because I went to spin away from an incoming shot. We were playing on wet grass and my shoe wedged into the ground/grass/mud so instead of spinning away my foot stayed in place and I spun all the way around my knee…Fun times.

This chick’s shot wasn’t quite as devastating as what happened to me back in high school. I doubt the chick who got leveled by that pitcher’s throw will require surgery, but I’m sure that hurt like hell both on her head and on her ego. In fact, I’m not sure her ego’s ever going to fully recover from the L she just took on that court.

Let’s watch that once more in animated GIF before we get on our of here, shall we?

(h/t DIGG/Video)

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