ESPN Sources Say LeBron James Commits To Return To Cavs, But He Hasn’t Officially Announced It

Ever since the Cleveland Cavs won their first championship in franchise history and ended the 52-year title drought for the city of Cleveland, it has been a foregone conclusion that LeBron James would return to the team—Bron even hinted at it during the championship parade.

And while James still has yet to officially sign his name on a new deal to give Cavs fans reason to exhale, ESPN reports that their sources say LBJ informed the team he will return.

LeBron James has informed the Cleveland Cavaliers he will re-sign with the reigning NBA champions this summer but still has no timetable for negotiating or signing a deal, sources told ESPN.

James is currently traveling and spending time with family. He will meet with agent Rich Paul and go over his contract options at some point but there is no rush, sources said.

It’s that last part, though, “but there is no rush,” that makes me, a diehard Cleveland fan, still sweat things out until LeBron ends all the drama and just signs. Still, at this moment, I guess James’ words have to be strong enough to ease everyone’s minds.

But if a major deal gets swung and, say, Carmelo Anthony winds up on the L.A. Clippers playing alongside Chris Paul, would LeBron’s decision sway? That’s what no Cavs fan wants to find out—but it’s hard not to think about till the four-time league MVP puts a signature on a contract.


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