One Sportsbook Is Getting Destroyed For Offering Betting Lines On the Special Olympics

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The Special Olympics are one of the coolest events around the world. Whether it’s your local, state, national, or even international competition, it’s very inspirational.

The Special Olympics were the brain child of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of President John F. Kennedy. It allows those with intellectual disabilities of all ages to come together and compete in various sports, similar to the actual Olympic Games. The organization was founded in 1968 and has helped millions participate in the joy of sports.

Every two years, they host a Special Olympics World Games, with it alternating between Summer and Winter games every two years. And, Friday was the opening ceremonies of the 2023 World Games in Berlin, Germany. It’s sure to be a very cool event. But, one sportsbook has gone way too far, and is offering betting lines on the Special Olympics. Here is Forbes with more details. is the brand behind the bold move to offer the first-ever Special Olympics odds. Operating globally in the online gaming sector for more than 25 years, BetOnline is known for setting the industry bar when it comes to creativity and innovation.

Questions will certainly be raised, but why not the Special Olympics? This would seem to be a win-win-win for everyone except those who complain for a hobby or profession.

Non-mainstream sports such as lacrosse, auto racing and table tennis have experienced exponential growth over the last five years due to the ability to watch and wager. NBA commissioner Adam Silver wrote an op-ed in the New York Times nearly nine years ago about how gambling would help grow the NBA, and that vision has proven true for his league as well as other pro sports associations such as the NFL, NBA and NHL.

“If there are two or more people engaged in a sanctioned competition, we want to offer odds on it, and the Special Olympics is no different,” BetOnline Sportsbook Manager, Adam Burns, told Forbes. “For my money, I’d much rather watch and wager on the World Games where talented athletes are competing in real sports than some guy stuffing 60 hot dogs into his mouth.” has odds listed for 12 different competitions across six Special Olympics sports (Track & Field, Basketball, Cycling, Powerlifting, Soccer, Swimming). People can wager on things such as which country will win the most combined gold medals for all of the swimming events, or individual champions for the men’s and women’s powerlifting bench press discipline.

Yeah, this isn’t it. People on Twitter aren’t happy.

I’m for betting on pretty much anything, but betting on the Special Olympics seems a bit over the line.

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