World Champion Speed Skater Jutta Leerdam Clears Up Jake Paul Dating Rumors With New Pics

Jutta Leerdamm speed skater and girlfriend of Jake Paul

Getty Image / Zheng Huansong

World champion speed skater Jutta Leerdam from The Netherlands has been enjoying her offseason after it recently wrapped up.

Leerdam set a track record in the women’s 1000 meter at Heerenveen (NED) on December 28th where she won Gold at the 2023 KNSB Dutch Sprint Championships. She also won gold at the 2023 European Speed Skating Championships.

After wrapping up her 2022-23 speed skating season, Jutta Leerdam headed to Miami where she saw fellow European athlete Alica Schmidt walk the runway for Boss. After that, she headed off to Mexico for vacation but rumor began swirling she was dating Jake Paul after they were seen together at an event.

Those rumors picked up steam after people (with way too much time on their hands) appeared to see Jutta and Jake Paul each eating the same meal on IG, though neither was in the other person’s photos.

In a crossover that nobody saw coming, former childhood actor turned boxer Jake Paul is now dating the speed skating world champion from The Netherlands. They both posted photos about it on Instagram today.

Jake’s caption saying ‘I’m Dutch now‘ and tagging her brought in some interesting comments, as did Jutta’s post.

The top comment on Jutta’s post reads “My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.”

Other commented:

“Wait what? This is a crossover event I didn’t see coming.”

Was Pete Davidson not available?”

“Where is the dislike button.”

Jake was taking some heat from his followers as well. The top comment on his post reads:

“Her legs are bigger then urs dude!”

“Girls got some diesel quads eh? Sheeeesh!”

“Jake Paul really has it all”

It’s unclear why they chose today to announce this crossover event that nobody saw coming. But it surely means that a lot of new Jake Paul x Jutta Leerdam content is on the way in the coming days as they’re both prolific posters.

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