This Is the Sports Knowledge Test You Have to Take If You Want to Work at ESPN

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Post-grad Bros: Do you really, really like sports stats? So much so that you’d like to get paid and make a career by compiling them? Then you probably want a job in ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, which compiles stats across the board for the World-Wide Leader.

Deadspin obtained the sports knowledge proficiency test that applicants have to take if they want a job in ESPN’s Stats & Information Group. This obviously doesn’t apply for positions across the board, but just in that very specific department. They note that applicants have 45 minutes to complete and return the exam, which is distributed via email. They’re also able to use the Internet, because who the hell doesn’t do that these days.

But what’s the fun in that? Without cheating and using Google, give the ESPN sports knowledge test a try and then share it with your friends. Post your results in the comments.

Espn Test


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