A Moron With Blistering Speed Ran Onto The Field During The Cubs-Cardinals Game, Somersaulted Into Home Plate


When it comes to running onto the field of play during a baseball game, I have a simple rule.

Don’t do it.

But if you simply can’t resist the urge to  get arrested for trespassing and spend the night(s) in jail, you should make sure your 15 seconds of fame are memorable. You know, do something special.

Like this idiot at the Cubs-Cardinals game last night who displayed remarkable speed to evade security before executing a dramatic somersault into home plate.

Great work, dude.

Let’s be honest. There’s a simple way to further deter people from doing this and it involves giving the hitter a free pass to use his bat.

Get this done, Commissioner Manfred. Get it done now.

[H/T: ChucktheChampion]