Stadium Security Guard Delivers Vicious Suplex Move To Rugby Streaker, Well Done Sir!

Look, if you want to run onto the pitch at a French rugby game wearing a Superman costume reserved for some kind of odd, superhero bedroom kinkiness, getting dropped like this is exactly what you deserve.

Flawless execution on the part of the security guard. No hesitation, full speed ahead, effort level at 100%. Brilliance. Possibly the toughest thing to ever come out of France.

The idiot streaker never saw him coming until it was far too late. And when it was…HAMMER TIME.

The agony on the streaker’s face says, “I just tore everything in my left knee!” Well, pal, that’s what you get when you run on the field and want to be the center of attention.

Also, you have to love how European television openly broadcasts stuff like this when it happens. In the States, most networks usually cut away from this kind of thing to avoid giving the person any notoriety.

Not in Europe, though. They just let the cameras roll and idiots get what’s inevitably coming to them.

Get this security guard a WWE contract, ASAP.

UPDATE: So people on Facebook won’t let it go that this isn’t a true suplex maneuver. Sorry, guys. I didn’t actually think it was either, but really didn’t know what else to call it. Like, I’d deem it a “reverse suplex” or something, but nope, the people aren’t having it.

Alas, it seems the move is more like a Canadian Destroyer. Debate settled.

[h/t B/R UK]