Stan Van Gundy Is Quickly Becoming Everyone’s New Favorite NBA Analyst Thanks To His New Vocabulary

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By all accounts, former NBA head coach Stan Van Gundy seems like a pretty great guy.

Van Gundy spent two decades as a head coach in the NBA, making stops in Miami, Orlando, Detroit and New Orleans along the way.

He was twice named an NBA All-Star Game head coach and reached the NBA Finals with the Magic in 2009 before falling to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now Van Gundy spends his time as a game analyst for TNT. He’s also incredibly active on Twitter, where he has a massive following.

In one recent Twitter rant, Van Gundy talked about the rising prevalence of injuries in the NBA despite more doctors, nutrition specialists, and players resting.

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant agreed with Van Gundy.

Except Van Gundy didn’t know what Durant was saying.

He quickly learned.

Van Gundy, being the cool and hip 63-year-old man that he is, quickly took his newfound slang and applied it to his NBA on TNT broadcast.

Fans were cracking up at the lighthearted moment from the veteran head coach.

But wait, there’s more! Van Gundy’s vocabulary lesson didn’t just stop at him learning what “spittin'” means. He also broke up some other new words he must have learned recently. Twice in the last week SVG broke out the word “bussin” (which, for the uninitiated, is a slang word that equates to very good) on a broadcast.

Yet again, fans could not believe what they had just heard.

Never change, Stan.