College Baseball Fans React To Stanford Pitcher Throwing A 156-Pitch Complete Game

Stanford pitcher Quinn Matthews

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

We’re in the beginning phase of the College Baseball World Series and already we’ve had some great games.

However, Stanford turned heads on Sunday night after pitcher Quinn Matthews put on a brilliant performance.

Not only did he get the complete game win, Matthews also threw an insane 156 pitches to help his team force a Game 3 against the Texas Longhorns.

Those 156 pitches accounted for 16 strikeouts, eight hits, three earned runs, and the victory.

According to The Athletic, the Stanford pitcher did everything possible to ensure he’d stay on the mound. Here’s what he had to say after his wild performance.

156 pitches is an insane amount. He basically threw enough pitches for two separate starts.

However, baseball fans are at odds about this situation. Some congratulate Matthews for his efforts, while others question why Stanford allowed him to throw that many times.

This guy didn’t like the call from Stanford.

I don’t think anybody would be shocked if this turned out to be true.

Some fans are worried about the Stanford pitcher receiving an injury.

Game 3 is set to take place on Monday night. Quinn Matthews won’t be pitching after just finishing up his start.

However, after the effort he put in to keep Stanford’s championship hopes alive, hopefully his teammates can pull through and advance to the next round of the College Baseball World Series.