Steelers DT Cameron Heyward Sent Robert Downey Jr. A Game-Worn Jersey – Downey Says ‘Thanks’ By Sending Sick Gift Of His Own

Robert Downey Jr. Steelers Gift

Instagram / Getty

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Cincinnati Bengals today and are looking to go 9-0.

The team is off to the best start in franchise history but a little luck – specifically a lucky charm – going into gameday is never a bad thing.

When Steelers defensive tackle Cameron “Iron Head” Heyward found out “Iron Man”, better known as Robert Downey Jr., is a huge Steelers fan, he gifted the actor with a game-worn jersey.

Downey was so pumped about the gift, he returned the favor by sending Heyward a pretty sweet piece of Avengers merch along with a personal video.

“I did not know this was a game jersey,” Downey explains in the video. “I know this can felt like sort of a trap game but I believe ‘Iron Head’ is going to need an iron hand.”

Downey then shows off a custom Infinity Gauntlet being sent Heyward’s way.

Heyward reposted the video to his Instagram and wrote, “Well my @marvel life has just been made! @robertdowneyjr you are a true legend and glad to know Ironman is a @steelers fan! Y’all heard the man let’s get this W this week! Thanks to @jimmy_rich & @bradrlambert for making this happen #ironsharpensiron.”

This exchanged was coordinated by producer Brad Lambert, a Pittsburgh native who worked with Downey and his team and Jimmy Rich, Downey’s right-hand man and a huge Steelers fan himself.

Only time will tell if the Steelers can dispose of the Bengals with just a snap.