Steelers Fans Get Bad News About Franchise Player TJ Watt

Steelers Fans Get Bad News About Franchise Player TJ Watt

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On the surface, it was a great day for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The six-time Super Bowl Champions upset the Cincinnati Bengals in a wild game, 23-20 and TJ Watt dominated.




But, two key players in linebacker TJ Watt and Steelers Najee Harris left the game with injuries. Running back Najee Harris, who led the NFL in touches as a season last year,  seems to be ok.

But, the news about TJ Watt, who was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year,  is much worse.


TJ Watt is Feared to have a serious injury to his left arm


Watt left late in the game with an apparent arm injury and the initial news is not good.


Watt knew right away that something was very wrong.

Steeler fans were hoping Watt’s self-diagnosis was wrong. But, it sounds like he was right.

A torn pectoral is typically a three-or-four month injury. And, that would be most, if not all,  of the Steelers’ 2022 campaign.

Steeler Fans React


The Steelers did win the game. But, most Steelers fans would rather have a healthy TJ Watt.

A lot of Steelers fans had tweets like this one. But, I don’t think @Nicole22662’s pectoral muscle would hold up, either.

@Rickfish412 thinks Watt will be back ahead of schedule. But, he has to remember, brother JJ was not particularly good when he returned early from his injury.


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