Mike Tomlin To Fans That Want OC Fired: ‘We Want You To Be Fat And Spoiled’

Mike Tomlin

Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

During the disappointing performance by the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ offense on Monday night, fans voiced their frustration with chants calling for the firing of Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada.

In response to the passionate display from the fan base, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the issue during a press conference in his own unique way.

Tomlin expressed his appreciation for the fans’ passion and acknowledged their role in inspiring and challenging the team.

Mike emphasized that the relationship between the team and its supporters is vital and that they do not shy away from challenges.

Tomlin stated, “This is the sport-entertainment business. It is our job to win and thus entertain them. And so we don’t begrudge them for that. We want them to be fat and sassy and spoiled. It is our job.”

The Steelers’ offense struggled against the Cleveland Browns during Monday’s game under Coordinator Matt Canada’s direction, finishing the fourth quarter with -7 yards of offense.

Mike Tomlin’s colorful response to fans might help at the moment, but they won’t be happy unless they’ll see more Kenny Pickett to George Pickens touchdowns.