Stefon Diggs Was Fascinated Watching People Knock Each Other Out In Power Slap

Stefon Diggs watching Power Slap


Dana White’s Power Slap made its debut on TBS on Wednesday night, and it appears that Bills’ Stefon Diggs is a big fan.

Before the show’s premiere, White addressed the controversy about the violent nature of Power Slap.

“We spend the money to make sure we have two healthy people in there and proper medical attention during and after the fight,” White said. “These are all the things we need to educate people on, just like we needed to educate people on mixed martial arts.”

“In Slap, they take three-to-five slaps per event. Fighters in boxing take 300-400 punches per fight. And guess what: you know what my answer to that is? If you don’t f*cking like it, don’t watch it! Nobody’s asking you to watch this. Oh, you’re disgusted by it? Watch ‘The Voice.’”

It didn’t take long during the first ep of Power Slap for people to feel uncomfortable with the sport.

Diggs, however, was genuinely curious about Power Slap and provided some hilarious commentary throughout the episode on social media.

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