Sports Fans Are Trying To Name Athletes That Changed Their Game As Much As Steph Curry Has In Basketball

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  • Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry put in an incredible performance to win the NBA Finals MVP award.
  • Former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker says that Curry’s played has “changed the sport of basketball.”
  • Now fans are thinking of other athletes who have made significant changes to their respective sport.

Steph Curry is a one-of-a-kind basketball player.

Curry is the face of the NBA’s 3-point revolution and has forever changed how young players practice and play the sport of basketball. He’s changed the game so much that Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing equated his impact to that of Michael Jordan.

Ross Tucker Wonders What Other Athletes Have Changed Their Sport

The plaudits for Curry haven’t come from just basketball players either. Former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker, who now works for CBS Sports, said that Curry has forever changed the way the game is played.

Tucker followed his thought by asking what other athletes have changed fundamentally their respective sports. The answers varied widely.

Tiger Woods was a common answer. Not only has Woods dominated the game of golf for two decades, but he’s also completely changed the way pro golfers think about driving distance.

Tucker offered up Lawrence Taylor, who made edge rushers a premier position in the NFL. But he also named Randall Cunningham. As did others. Cunningham’s running ability from the QB position opened the doors for guys such as Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson.

NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Orr re-framed what it meant to be a defender, while Dirk Nowitzki changed the way the NBA pictured big men.

Serena Williams changed the way that women in tennis approached the game, while Simone Biles has taken gymnastics to a new level of athleticism.

Athletes across all sports are continuing to push boundaries and change what we consider possible. It’s safe to say Steph has done that to an impressive degree on the hardwood.